Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wow....trying to sort out my blogging/crafting/full of kids life!!

Good Morning!!! I have spent the last few days "sorting" my computer LOL, picture files, music files, favorite files etc. as well as working some my blog. Struggling through getting this blogging thing down!! I think I'm getting the hang of it! I think things will be easier now that I'm a little more organized!!
Now for some more great news!! Can you say horseshoes? (and it doesn't even hurt!!! hehehe) Yes people !!! I won again!!! Who's the bomb?!! I got picked to receive a $5.00 gift certificate for Crop Stop on-line store by the great ladies over at the Cuttlebugs Challenge Blogspot for participating in thier fun filled Luv Bug Weekend!! Now I get to go shopping!!
I been so busy on the computer the last bit I've had no time for housework..or to make any cards...so I'm off to do just that...a little bit of housework and a lot of cardmaking..perfect!!! hehehe...

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